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Explore the risks and opportunities of any project before getting started. We can guide you through the process.

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Want an app for that? Maybe you need an API? We develop software for your needs.

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We do more than code and we can support your tech or any other team in their agile transformation.

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Drive change in your company with a digital product that moves you forward. We can help.

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Making the decision to develop your own software for your needs instead of a "one-size-kind-of-fits-all" solution is often determined by the potential investment. Once you make that decision, you have to choose right development partner for your project. We make sure you know your in the right place, every step of the way.











We bill to the minute and are happy to give you updates and forecasts at any time for any time period.

This way, everyone can be up to date at any point how much of the budget has been used and what's left over.

To make your budget work for you, we'll work focus our work on developing the features that will have the greatest impact on your goals.


With mindmatters, you always have access to a wholly transparent status of your project:

  • Because we use tools that offer simultaneous access to everyone (such as Pivotal Tracker). This way you're always informed – even when you're on the go – as to who is working on what.

  • Because we do regular reviews with you throughout the project to make sure there's always the chance to synchronise and opportunity to steer.

  • And last but not least: Because our Developers, Designers and Coaches will work closely together with you (through, for example, your Product Owner) as a team.


We promise you that your resulting product will be stable and durable by being flexible, expandable and maintanable. This means technological security and maximum flexibility for your future. These factors go into every decision we make.


The right team is key to the success of your product development. We ensure that the team we put together has the right expertise to meet your challenges.

As projects progress, the needs can change. In that case, we'll work with you to make the necessary adjustments – so that the right people are working on your product at right times.

And we're not just talking about technical skills: We also make sure the team has a holistic understanding of effective and effecient software development. This is the only way development can be scalable to your purpose. A good team is an interdisciplinary team – so we spend time before starting each project getting to know each other. Team work makes the dream work!


Choosing to work with mindmatters is choosing to stay independent from licensing fees, other companies' update schedules and other providers. The code that we develop for you enables you to work with other developers on the product in the future and you stay in control of the process.


Important things first! This is key to you and your budget, just as it is for our planning and efficiency.


We're always thinking about how your software will be used because we support developing in co-creation with the intended target group. This let's us generate feedback and acceptance at an early stage. By doing so, you can be sure that the software we build together will be one that people want and use. We believe this is the only way to ensure success beyond the product.


Our software development processes – even with all their complexities – are always controllable. We make sure your role empowers you to act, not just react.


We bring our all to every project – from expertises to experiences – to make sure that we understand the impact of every decision made.

At mindmatters, we’re not just coders for hire. We’re committed to the success of your project and your goals. We work best when we’re brought in as early as possible so that we can best understand your needs and come up with best possible solutions with you.

You may think that should be a given, but there are plenty of companies that don’t operate this way. That’s why we sometimes surprise our clients with the number of questions we ask. We’re always thinking about the need for your product and the context it comes from. We’re your partner that goes above and beyond to deliver for you.