Customized software for you.
Maximized investment protection.

A software must be as individual as the company it is supposed to benefit. We help you with that.

  • With flexible and malleable solutions

  • Develop prototypes or complex systems

  • User-driven development and early validation

  • In scalable and consequently agile teams

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This is why you develop better software with mindmatters

With mindmatters you develop more valuable software for your users and thus for your company. Because we develop software together with you, consistently agile - and thus maximally flexible.

  • We help with new products

  • And in the improving development of existing products - through joint development teams.

  • Web-based or mobile

  • Holistic support - from ideation and research to UX design and development to product scaling

  • Always in collaboration with real users - for optimal results

  • Our experienced coaches support the process

Our Clients

Those who rely on us

Our Mindset

Why we are your perfect partner

Our experience is your assurance

  • For more than 20 years we have been a reliable partner - regarding innovation and implementation, for start-ups as well as established companies.

  • Our team has been well-attuned. And it is constantly growing - with the best creative minds.

  • We are a collegially managed company. Why do we think that's important? Because we believe that personal commitment pays off in the end for you as a client - in better understanding and in higher compatibility.

Our expertise becomes your expertise

  • We always offer individual support - in software development as well as in coaching organizations.

  • We support you in exactly the way that suits and helps you - whether full service or complementary, whether in your own software development or in the joint development of your digital strategy.

  • We always accompany you with the appropriate and proprietary methods - such as ProductField.

  • Very important in everything we do: We are not an agency - we are your partner. We share our expertise with you through cooperation, training and workshops. This is how we make product innovation easy for everyone.

Our approach makes your products scalable

  • We aspire to make complex tasks manageable and to develop new forms of team collaboration.

  • New products can only develop the desired scalability, if technology and people match with eachother.


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