Sketchnotes from MTP Engage 2018


25. April 2018

For this year´s MTP Engage in Hamburg (still and again the best product management conference in Germany) we invented the “Colouring Book for Product People”, a (hopefully) fun and easy way to start taking visual notes for the participants. Here you´ll find my own sketchnotes of the talks as well as some direct links to videos of the talks.

Gods, Super Heroes & Product Managers

by Randy Silver

Don't join the cult

by Paul Adams

Owning agile

by Jeff Patton

Follow your Customer, Ignore the Hype

by Emil Martinsek

Im agilen Dschungel

by Christian Becker

Selbstorganisation: funktioniert das wirklich und wenn ja wie?

by Kamilla Stanitzek

Clumsy Colossus or Gentle Giant?

by Julia Whitney

Democratizing online controlled experiments @

by Lukas Vermeer